Idiot Lights

I want to thank the person or persons who invented the idiot light for cars. Today I had to go get gas for the lawn tractor and I am still getting used to this idea of pumping my own gas.

See in NJ all gas stations are full service you are not allowed to pump your own gas. That being said I filled up the gas can only spilled a litle on the can itself put it in the trunk close the trunk. Get in my car and am driving away I hear noises in the back but hey what do I care? The radio is playing some really good tunes I'm driving along LALALA!

For some reason I look down maybe to see if I am obeying the law and actually doing the speed limit or just cause sometimes I get bored while I'm driving and my eyes tend to wander.(That's a whole other post) Anywho I see the IDIOT light for the trunk is on.DUH! I guess I forgot to close the trunk.Maybe that was the noise I heard before (ya think?)What a moron I am. Good thing I only live about 5 minutes at the most from the station.

I guess next time I should make sure the trunk is actually closed before I drive on my merry way.


Tammy said...

Hey I've done that before too! ;o)

Dette said...

lol - oh hell - I've even driven off without closing the damn lid to the gas tank.

Shop Starlooks said...

lol! Hey girl your poncho ships today! Yay!!!!