Changing It Up

So you noticed I changed it up a bit how do you like it?

It's not exactly what I wanted to do but it will do for now. I have so much to learn here on blogger like how to make a cool header I still haven't figured that one out yet. Or how to make it into 3 columns instead of 2.

I will get there one day I have gotten this far haven't I all on my own and I will one day have my page so hot looking everyone will be coming to me to ask who did your page? Can I get them to do mine? Hehehehe

But it is going to take me some more time to get there just try to be patient with me until then.

I am ready and willing to listen to any suggestions you might have. Don't like the color? Tell me I will think about changing it.

Have a great day and remember change is good!


Tina said...

The purple is quite cool actually, but i liked the blue as well lol!

Ill still pop by whatever colours and headers you have anyway ;)

Tammy said...

I love the color of it! I have no idea how to make it a 3 column, but I can help you with the header if you like.