Just Some Things I Was Thinking

I spent some time today around the blogging community checking out some new to me blogs and leaving some comments. I try to do this every couple of days I enjoy finding new blogs seeing what kind of people are out there and what they have to say. I have made some friends from all over the world places like Canada, Alabama and even the UK. How cool is that?

I find lots of cool blogs some are popular and some not so much. I did read this one blog whose name shall remain nameless it is a very popular one though and I was not impressed. I couldn't see what all the hype was about. I am trying hard to understand how some blogs make it big and are really not that good and why others that are good don't get the recognition they deserve.

How and why does this happen? Do the big name bloggers go somewhere special? How do they get so many people to their site? I know they for sure know something I don't.

I really don't think it the content of their blog because this one I mentioned above really didn't have anything different than say mine. Maybe it the fact that some of them used to be professional writers NO I don't think that's it either well no it could be maybe they had followers from being a writer and those people just followed them to their blog.

Who knows it is a secret that one day I will learn and I will pass it on.

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Kmommy said...

I don't know whether there is some "secret" to getting more traffic. I so understand what you are saying about some of those that are "popular." I also have seen some that are no where near as popular that are so much better. Who knows? I know that personally I started to get more traffic once I started doing memes, like Wordless Wednesday. I think doing some memes and getting your blogs on lists are the best things to do.