Dog VS Raccoon Update 2

I got a call today the stupid raccoon DID NOT have rabies so man that sure is a load off our shoulders. Finally something went right......Here's a picture of the boy and Max. Max is begging the boy to take him outside

It just so happens this picture was taken the night Max killed the raccoon. Usually we don't let him go out at night but he insisted he had to go out and he was hurting the boy with his giant claws.

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes one of you must have brought us good luck cause we sure don't have any of our own.So whoever you were a huge THANK YOU!!!!!


Sandra Carvalho said...

Hey just passing by to visit your place!Loved it!
I grabbed your badge.
Have a nice day!

Birdie said...

that's great news!

Tammy said...

That's wonderful news!

Tina said...

thats great news mate. max is massve lol i didnt know he was that big! i bet hes a really lovable dog. i like how he put his paw out

Slick said...

That is one HUGE dog!!

lola said...

OMG That is great. You can never tell about wild animals. They look so cute & cuddly but don't touch. So glad Max is safe.