Dog VS Raccoon

This is a story that does not have a happy ending.It starts off with a father and son taking the family dog out for his evening potty.Dog runs off father and son hear a scuffle run to see dog with raccoon in his mouth shaking his head violently from side to side.See the cute little raccoon this is him after my husband got our dog to let it go.

Isn't he sweet?

The man comes in to get me to show me the coon and he isn't hardly moving so I say "why don't we just let him be he is probably scared and stunned we'll come check on him in a little bit" So we go in the house and 40 minutes later The Man goes to check on him and he has passed away.

The story does not end there no it is just the beginning I searched the house high and low trying to locate the papers to see when my dog was last vaccinated for rabies. But I could not find the papers so I think it's all good I will just call the county we lived in when we got said vaccination. They should have a record right? Well they do have a record of all shots given in that year but all of the copies are on carbon paper and are illegible. GREAT!!! So I ask the lady "well how long are the rabies shots good for" ? She says" 3 years "that's good seeing how we have only been here for a little over 2 years and I know I had gotten the shots in 2005 I have his NJ license hanging on his collar. So we are good to go right? NO!!!

I call to ask the vet what to do they say bring him in and his rabies shot record I say "I can't find them so what happens now"? Well animal control has to come out tomorrow morning to pick up the dead raccoon to take it to be tested for rabies. Since I have no proof of my dog ever getting the shot we have to wait to see if the coon had rabies. We took our dog to the vet the vet looked him over to see if he had bite marks. The were no marks so they give him the shot and tell us to make sure we contact animal control to have them come get the coon which I had done.

So as it is right now I have no idea what is going to happen to our dog they were talking about putting him down and quarantine. Until they find out if the coon was sick It's just one big mess.


Dragonstar said...

Oh no! What an upset for you! I hope everything goes OK for you.

Sassy said...

Oh Tina, I am so sorry to hear about this. I hope everything works out for you. Maybe since there were no marks he will be fine. I'll keep your family in my thoughts.

The Jilly Bean said...

Hoping the best for you and your dog. I know how much they can become a part of the family.

Tina said...

oh no poor max. what terrible luck that is. hope he will be ok. keep us posted x