Dragon Flies

My hubby was out in th front yard weed wacking or weed eating which ever you prefer. He came in and askied me to come out to see something. When I got out there with him there were about 20 dragon flies flying around. They were so big I have never seen them this big before. When they would come close you could hear their wings flapping. They were not afraid of us either they got about a inch away from us as they flew past.It was so cool sorry the video doesn't show the true beauty of it. But it was the first time we used our camera to take a video.

I also want to apologize for my voice I sound like an ass but I was so excited I know you can only see a few of them. But they were fast little critters ... lol


Sassy said...

Tina, believe it or not, but I have always heard them referred as snake doctors. Apparently they thwart off snakes. As you can tell I don't have them around here. LOL

Tammy said...

That was cool! Kinda looked like a UFO flying around.

Tina said...

i liked your voice it was cool! and nice to hear it. i always imagine peoples voices different so at least i know what yours is like now lol ;)

Tina said...

by way mate thanks for adding the drop star badge. i added you to roll. i managed to get you on front page bit, but i wanted to put you at top. i couldnt seem to figure it out! i gotta sort it!