I am not a writer but I do have writers block I had a post wrote but it sounded all boo hoo. Why is it things sound so much better in your head and read like crap on paper? It never seems to come out right. The right words get lost between my brain and my fingers.

How do some people do it?
How do some people have something to say everyday?
Where do they come up with it?

Maybe it's because they have lives to write about. My life is pretty boring nothing goes on here worth writing about. My kids are at school all day so no funny kids gossip to share. The man is once again on the road so no funny husband humor to tell everyone. The animals are asleep most of the day so no America's funniest animal tails to tell. It's just me a mom with to much time on her hands and nothing to do.

It wasn't like this before in my 20's I could tell you all kinds of stories about things I did places I went. If only my memory was good enough to recall some of the things I did. But alas my memory is ruined I did it to myself I killed brain cells back then and am now paying the price for it. Someone should have told me that drinking and doing drugs kills brain cells oh wait they did I just didn't listen. DUH ME !!!

My brain is all screwed up it makes me mad that I can remember the lyrics to a million songs but can't remember where I left my keys 15 minutes ago. Why is it I can hear a song know who sings it and the name of the song but can't remember someones name 2 minutes after they tell it to me?

I was just thinking I guess I didn't have writers block after all must have been just didn't have anything interesting to say so I jotted down all this.


Tammy said...

I think having kids kills brain cells. I sure don't have the memory I used to, but I sure the heck ain't going to blame it on my age. LOL

Slick said...

It means you're getting older...

Not much wiser, but older nonetheless :p

I'm always here to offer advice aren't I?? lol

Busymama Kellie said...

My memory sucks too. To the point that I worry there will be nothing left to forget in my senior years! Unfortunately I have no excuse for it.

Tiffiney said...

Girl I am the same way..that is why I don't post things everyday..lol...and my memory...wait what was I sayin..haha..my memory is soooooo bad...i swear sometimes I think I senile..it gets so bad sometimes I will be in my arriving at my destination and for the life of me I can't remember the drive...scary stuff...I figure it's because I just have way to much going on!! And yea I guess all the drugs I did before kids..does not help to my airheadedness.. :) See even when you have writers block you do just fine :)