My Autumn Fireplace

Well today was the day I was waiting for the first day of autumn and I was ready for it. I got out my fireplace decorations about a week and a half ago just waiting to decorate my fireplace. I always wanted to have a fireplace and now we have one. I always have candles and family photos on it but for Autumn and Christmas I spiff it up.

Now this is all the Autumn decorations I have for now I will be getting more as the years go on.When we moved I had to leave a lot of my Halloween things at my friends house.But you just wait until Christmas it's like a winter wonderland. I collect Santa's and have spent a bunch of $$$ on those so I made damn sure I brought all of them. So for now enjoy my Autumn fireplace but the day after Thanksgiving I will be putting up my winter wonderland to dazzle and amaze you.

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Tina said...

the decorations look fab. its great how you have realy got into the theme. makes it exciting