Kids Fighting

The kids are at school "The Man" is on his way to California and I am all alone. Mostly I enjoy the quiet time well actually it's not to quiet I do turn the stereo up almost to max volume. It helps drown out the voices no not the voices in my head I'm not crazy or anything. The voices burned into my brain from the kids fighting the whole night before.

They start as soon as they open their tiny little eyes until I get them on their bus and after they get home it starts in the car on the way back home. It doesn't end until they close their tiny little eyes to drift off to the land of slumber. Even then sometimes they talk in their sleep and I'm sure it's a dream about an argument.

It's amazing how many things they can find to fight about

"he's looking at me"

"tell her to stop following me around"

"mom she told me to shut up"

"he made me say it"

Do they do it to irritate each other or to bother me? Maybe it's payback for being such an unruly teen myself.

I guess it's just a part of having a sibling I remember one of my brothers used to do terrible things to me when we were growing up. It's kind of weird how our relationship was he could choke me until I turned blue but let someone else say I was stupid or something and he would punch their face in. He was protective like that when he wasn't torturing me.

My other older brother just acted like I wasn't there I don't think he even acknowledged I was around until I was 11 years old. he only did it then because his girlfriend liked me and she would make him bring me to her house to play Monopoly. Those were the days playing Monopoly and listening to Foriegner's Head Games cassette. Hey that sound's good I think I am going to throw on that tape right now and dance around the house like a fool.


Sandra Carvalho said...

I know the feeling!!!
Sometimes they drive me nuts!
"Mom!I want a glass of water!" "Mom!!!Why has he more water in the glass then me?!" Arghhhhhhhhhh!
And they even argue with the baby (who likes to boss the older ones around!)LOL! Totally insane!

LadyBanana said...

My girls are 25 and 20, and they are still fighting.. sorry to tell it it might never end!!!

Tina said...

hes looking at me i love it!

funny to see the silly things kids argue over!

Tiffiney said...

oh girl..i know the fighting...all the time here...and my brother and I were the same...we would fit like cats and dogs..but no one else was aloud to talk crap about either one of us...or the other would kick some tail...lol...cute post..hope you enjoyed your dancing around the house :)