Poor Hubby

My hubby went for a walk in our wooded part of the property the other day. When he got back to the house he took off his socks and shoes and his ankles and feet were covered with pin head size ticks. This first picture is from 2 days after he removed the ticks. He was on his way to Canada when the tick bites became worse. He got home yesterday and went to the doctors and they told him that the ticks were called Sea Ticks. I have never heard of them and have been looking for information about them with no luck.
Anyway the doc told him the tick bites had left second degree burns on him and she gave him cream to put on them.

This is the picture my hubby sent me this morning 3 days after the bites and a half a day of being on the meds.

I feel so bad for hubby they look so painful. If anyone knows anything about these nasty creatures please tell me or direct me where to go. The only bit of information I have found about them is that they are native to NC. I need to know how to get rid of them.


Sassy said...

Tina, that looks so painful. Google SEED TICKS. I hope he gets to feeling better soon. I was treated for Lyme's Disease almost 2 years ago.

Rayne said...

This looks horrible. The poor man. I hope he gets better soon. Keep us posted.

Tammy said...

OMG that looks so bad! I hope the he feels better soon and that you were able to get lots of useful information off of Google.

Misty Dawn said...

Yes, it is "Seed Ticks", and we have them REALLY bad out here too. We pulled about a half dozen off my Hubs last week. I hate them, because they cause Lyme's Disease... please keep an eye on your hubs - if he shows flu like symptoms, get him to the doctor immediately.