Poor Hubby Thanks Sassy

I want to say thanks to my friend Sassy she left me a comment on my post about my poor hubby. In her comment she informed me to search Google for "seed ticks" not "sea ticks". No wonder I couldn't find any information on "sea ticks" there is no such thing as far as I can tell. I guess my hubby misunderstood the doctor or maybe the doctor was misinformed as to what the critters were that decided to feast on him. Anyway being the Yankees we are neither name sounded familiar to us. So we just went with what we thought it was since Sassy told me the proper name for them I have found information and am now a bit more informed on them.

This article tells about seed ticks and how to get rid of them. You can bet we are going to try their suggestions.


Sassy said...

You're welcome glad I could be of some assistance to you guys. Take care!!

Tina said...

here testing testing! uw i never got this far before!

so it seems when i click on your profile name from my emails it doesent work, but it did when i clicked on your badge from max's!

hope its a glitch for now! you will have to put some pics up of the progress of hubbys healing bites