Shower Time

It was shower time for Max yesterday he gets a shower for two reasons. Reason #1 Max does not like water he is terrified of it. Reason #2 we have a deep tub and I don't know if any of you have ever tried to get a 75 lb. dog who doesn't like water into a deep tub if you haven't it is no small feet. So to keep our tub from getting damaged and to save Max the stress of getting into the tub we have decided it is best to shower him.

Max loves his daddy and will follow him anywhere so if daddy goes into the shower and calls Max he will go. I have given Max a shower 2 times before and it is one messy job.This time it was daddy's turn Max did ok he did try several times to get out.I tried to get more pictures but wasn't able to open the sliding doors so each time I took a picture from the top I would get hubby's butt crack...lol I would have posted those but he would kill me.

This is the handsome boy after getting all clean he looks like a bear after a shower his fur sticks up all over the place. He was such a good boy daddy gave him a treat that is what he is posing pretty for here.

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