Baby Girls Class Trip

I was on a class trip with my daughter today we went to a plant nursery. The kids got to go on a hayride to a pumpkin patch. They got to decorate their pumpkins.

They got to build a straw man but baby girl didn't want to help do that I think she was scared of the straw man. They were given pansies to plant and take home. They played a game similar to musical chairs but they used different kinds of plants for the kids to stop in front of.The kids standing in front of the plant that was called got a prize. After the plant nursery we went the lake for a picnic lunch. It was a nice day they all had so much fun.


Tina said...

a plant nursery is a nice idea. hope she had lots of fun

Lady Banana said...

I used to go on all the school trips, hectic days but lots of fun!

Tiffiney said...

What a fun day!! And a Happy Late Birthday to your hubby!! :)