Happy Birthday Hubby

Today is The Man's birthday when I first met him I knew we were meant to be together. He had that certain something I had been searching for and finally found. I love him more and more everyday our life together has produced two awesomely wonderful children. The three of them are my life, my love, my world.

I want to say to my man on this his special day I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!



Posh Totty said...

I hope your hubby has a wonderful birthday Xxx

Stephanie said...

Hope your hubby enjoys his birthday! It's nice when you finally meet "the one". I have been with my hubby for 20 years and it's still great!

Love your blog! I found you through Tiffiney's blog.

Have a Beautiful Day!

Fotos da Lurdes said...

Wow!!!! How beautiful! So romantic!!!!Have a great day!

Slick said...

Ooooooo, he better get something special, I do know that!!

If I were gay, I'd just take him from you.

Kmommy said...

Happy Birthday!!
And if you haven't been Boo-ed already, consider yourself so and go check my blog! :)

Laura Harvey said...

Whats everyone doing for safety precautions for Halloween? My husband came across an article (http://i-newswire.com/pr220892.html) with some info about background checking neighbors. I thought that may be a little overboard, but it had some other good suggestions for some precautions I haven't thought about. Last year my youngest son came down with a massive fever after Halloween. I almost thought about just taking the kids to our church's fall festival this year instead of door-to-door to prevent that from happening again. I don't know yet. What's your advice? Am I over-reacting or just being a concerned mom?

Sandra Carvalho said...

Hey gorgeous!!!Happy Birthday to your hubby! ;)
Give him a nice present will you!?LOL!
Hope he has a great day and so do you girl! ;)

Tina said...

happy birthday. welcome to the cool wonderful people club day with my son. you both rock woo!

Lady Banana said...

Hope your hubby had a great day :)