Happy Birthday Tammy

I heard that today is one of my blogging buddies birthday. Now I know she had mentioned it was this weekend but never said what day.So I was over at our other friend Super Mae's place and she said today was the day. So I want to wish her a very very happy birthday. She was the very first blogger who showed me the ropes and befriended me. I think she is an amazing person and one heck of a blogger. Tammy I am glad that I found your blog because you have turned out to be a great friend and mentor. I hope that your day is as special as you are.

I just wanted to say to you



Tammy said...

You're so sweet Tina, thank you! I'm so glad that we became friends! You're the best!

Lady Banana said...

I second that!

Happy Birthday Tammy!

Tina said...

yes tam is a great friend. we are so lucky to know her ;)

Sandra Carvalho said...

Yeah definitely Tam is an awesome lady!
I'm so glad that I'm friends with her too.
And cause of her I got to know some others awesome ladies too!
You are one of them for sure! ;)