Surprise Guest

I am not the type of person who likes surprises as a matter of fact I hate them. So when I got a phone call Thursday afternoon from my father-in-law saying he was going to be at our house in a few hours I went into panic mode.

"is the house clean enough"
"do I have enough food "
"how long is he going to stay"

I know these are trivial things he could care less if the house is clean but I worry about this stuff anyway.I don't know why it's just the way I am my house of course was clean only had to pick up the trail of toys the kids left. I had just gone food shopping and so on. I just don't like to be surprised is all it comes down to.

Like my friend is coming for Thanksgiving and she made sure to let me know 2 months ago because she knows how neurotic I am.

But anyway he is still here my FIL that is and he says he is leaving sometime today. The kids have loved having him here. Everything is Grandpa this and Grandpa that it has been nice for them.They haven't seen any of the family since my brother and niece stopped here on their way to Florida for the races and that was sometime over the summer.

So that is why I have not been out and about in the blogging world this weekend and why I am going to be heading out to see all of you later today.Have a great day!!!!! : )


Lady Banana said...

That would panic me as well a surprise guest...

Nice for the kids though having Grandpa around :)

Tammy said...

My in-laws surprise me all the time and I always go into panic mode. I try to clean and bake some sweets at the same time. STRESSFUL! LOL

Kmommy said...

Oh I would so panic! My house is so rarely clean :)

Tina said...

im the same when i know people are comming round. i go on a cleaning spree! even though i know they prob wouldnt care, but i dont want people thinking im a tramp lol

P.s The film i went to see was Saw 5. Have you saw those films?

Octamom said...

So glad that you've had a good time--I'm sure the kids were thrilled!