Awards Awards And More Awards.......

My amazing friend Tina from Mummy Diaries, Game Freaks and Gossip Avenue gave me this collage of awards. Isn't she the best I just love it..... Thanks M8


Octamom said...

What a fantastic idea! I may 'borrow' this one so that I can honor the awards that have been sent my way but haven't made it to my sidebar yet! Thanks for sharing!

Also wanted to thank you for the good wishes for 4 of 8's recovery--it's been a little rough-a lot of pain last night and some adverse reactions to pain meds, so we're still kind of in the jungle on this one--but she is presently feeling a little better and is able to keep some food down--and is even playing a video game--all a good sign! The primary cast will be on for 4 weeks, with an additional month in a removable cast. We go back this week for further fiberglass application.


Sandra Carvalho said...

You go girl!!!Congrats!
Hey did I mentioned that I've got a tag for you about breast cancer awareness over "love in my veins"?

Tiffiney said...

you go girl...award queen... :)

Tina said...

yes i am amazing wink wink!!!! x

your welcome. Im sure there will be plenty more to come!