Busy Busy Busy

It has been a busy weekend for us wit trick or treating on Friday night.We were out for 2 hours walking around man my legs were killing me on Saturday morning.Then we spent Saturday walking around the mall cause hubby had an eye doctor appointment.Then by the time we got home it was late in the day.I didn't even get to do Camera Critters yet.I am hopefully going to get to that later I am off to the store now but just wanted to let you all know I haven't vanished just been busy.I will try to stop by to see you later if not I will be by tomorrow.


Lady Banana said...

Get all your bits done and see you later!

Tina said...

how rude of you not to blog hop everyday at least twice a day. its just not on to live your life instead of blogging ;)

by way how you getting on with cassies realm?