How Was Your Weekend?

Our weekend was pretty busy as I explained in an earlier post.We were out trying to save some money while shopping for things we needed. It is getting so hard to do this any more with the cost of necessities being what they are. Groceries are getting so expensive and we try to spend as little as we can and still be able to get what we need.

Hubby recently was told he needs glasses and of course being the man that he is it is hard to find a pair of frames that work for him. We went to Lens Crafters and their frame prices are outrageous so we have decided to check out this online store that sells low cost frames called I hear they have some awesome prices and some fashionable eyeglasses that even someone as picky as my hubby can find something they like. They have frames starting at as low as $8.00 can you imagine finding frames you like for only $8.00? That's like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for me. It makes you think how are they able to sell their glasses so inexpensive. I think it is because they sell directly to you instead of going through these high priced super stores.

They have single vision lens and bifocals too which is what the doc says hubby needs he hates that he thinks it makes him old to have to have bifocals. They even have tinted sunglasses hubby is going to for sure like those he thinks that it will make him look cooler. Maybe he's right having prescription sunglasses may look cooler than the transitions lenses.

So wish us luck in finding him some really cool hip frames to save us some green. The kids have already made their sacrifices and have promised to not ask for any toys until they make up their Christmas lists.

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Tiffiney said...

We are there with you..trying not to spend to much money..it can be hard at times. I think you can buy the frames at Wal-mart and Target to..just get the reading glasses and they can put the new lenses in them :) good luck!