I Almost Forgot

Let me start off with DUH I forgot to show you a picture of my kids trick or treating.I only got to take one picture because dump me forgot to bring the camera so I had to take this picture with my cell. The kids had so much fun they brought along their friend. He is the one with his wig hiding his face.He insisted he didn't want to go because he was afraid that he would see someone he knows. He did of course see kids he knew and if you ask me he wanted them to see him. Each time he would see someone he knew he would shout out their name. Like hey look at me I'm here and I see you. Silly boy!!!!

Like I mentioned earlier we walked for 2 hours around this real expensive neighborhood and got loads of candy. It was so crowded there was more people than I could deal with. Kids everywhere some pretty cool costumes as well. It was a fun time though but man my legs were so sore the next day.Good thing it only comes once a year right? Hope you all had a good time as well.


Tammy said...

I haven't posted the picture from trick or treating yet. Just not in the mood I guess.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Looks like they had a great time! ;)

Lady Banana said...

Glad your kids had fun! I'm glad mine are grown out of it though! lol

Tiffiney said...

Wow 2 hours...I bet your kids did get loads of candy..Looks like you all had fun to... well maybe not your legs...lol... :)