A Car Chick Too?

As many of you know I am a music loving girl but did you know I am a car chick as well? I'm sure you didn't because I have never told you. I love cars my favorite is the 1970 Chevy Camaro I used to have one when I first got my license it was PHAT too. It had duel exhaust air shocks it was a fast piece of machinery it blew the doors off of every car I raced. I always wish I still had it so I am going to imagine I still do and tell you what I would do to it if it were here sitting in my driveway.

First off I would give it a new pant job because for all of it's speed it looked like someone had taken a can of rust and sprayed it all over it. Then I would go to audi turbocharger to trick out the engine. There I would find a turbo charger to improve the performance of the engine this will improve the horsepower so I could wipe the floor with the competition. Cause that's what I would want to do I want them to eat my dust....

Do you like fast cars? Do you want your car to run at it's peek performance? If you do visit audi turbocharger so you can see if they have the parts you need to spruce up your dream machine.They offer free ground shipping to the lower 48 states other state shipping cost depend on location and weight. If you have questions about anything they have a toll free number or an online contact form.

Just so you know I looked up my fantasy car and they do carry the parts for this make and model so I'm sure they have what you are looking for. So if I still had my dream car and ordered the parts I needed they have full warranty to cover the parts.

This is a paid post so please see my disclosure policy.


Lady Banana said...

When it comes to cars - I'm clueless!!!

Tina said...

great to see your getting more paid posts now. im really pleased for you mate