On His Way

Well hubby is on his way out the door to go on yet another trip to Alaska this is going to be his fifth trip there. He is so lucky I have always wanted to go there to see what it is like.I'm a cold weather person so that wouldn't be an issue with me. I want to see the beauty that is Alaska the snow covered mountain tops the Moose or is it Meese? Haha

I told him if he sees Sarah Palin to ask if he could go to her house so he could see Russia. Sorry I had to throw that in there.

The kids are a bit disappointed that he will not be here for Thanksgiving and so am I but we told him to call us when it is time to carve the turkey and we will do it with him on the phone. Hubby is going to be taking pictures for me so I will share them with you. Ok I need to go see him off bye for now.


Lady Banana said...

Maybe one day when the kids are grown you can go with him - that would be exciting!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Well at least you didn't loose your sense of humor!

Toni said...

Hope hubby has a great and safe trip!!! Sorry he won't be there for Thanksgiving!

BTW, I did get my credits - meant to put that in my comment over at MMs but forgot - Thanks!

Tina said...

its a shame hubby cant be with you :( i bet he has some great adventures. sounds like an interesting job

Tiffiney said...

Ahhh Alaska...still hoping hubby will get a job there...wish they would call.lol...Sorry your hubs will not be there for Thanksgiving...make sure to eat big anyway!!! And keep in mind..you will make it to Alaska one day...it will be worth the wait, who knows maybe I will be that way and you can come see me!! ;)