The Game

Hello everyone an welcome to what I hope is going to be a fun game for all.
The rules are pretty simple:
1. PLEASE try to follow the CLUES not the blogroll
2.You MUST leave a comment on each blog that you visit I want to know that you were there and not just following the blogroll.
If your here to play The Game look at this video
the baby will tell you where you need to go

There was a change in the blogroll lady banana was not able to play.
The Players
1. Mom Knows Everything

2. Mummy Diaries

3. Life In The Lapadula House

4. Super Mae

5. It Is Nap Time

6. Music Mondays

7. I Beati

8. Screaming Mimi

9. Live The Life Of ADreamer

10. Max A Dogs Story

11. Lady Banana

12. Game Freakz

13. A Little Girl Talk

14. Tell Me The Truth

15. Gossip Avenue

16. My Sweet Escape


Tina said...

im here and moving on lol ....

Renz said...

lol! I'm loving the kid!

Toni said...

As funny as it is and as glad as I am that I got to see, I felt so sorry for the little guy!!!

Mimi said...

Away we go!

Shemah said...

That has gotta be the cutest clue ever!!! LOL! Anyways, moving onnn...

Tammy said...

I'm on my way to the next clue!

FRIGGA said...

Thank you for coming by and commenting on my blog. In response to that: I'm at work and any streaming over the internet raises red flags and causes IT people to moniter my Internet usage. At home I only have dial-up, so it'd be faster to watch grass grow. I saw other clues that were also in the form of video clips and the Main instructional post said that just going down the blogroll was not allowed... scratching my head here...

I also don't get the clues. Where are the clues? Without seeing what the first one was I had no idea what to look for on other blogs playing along... Is there some puzzle to figure out, or is it about leaving comments on every blog participating?

LadyBanana said...

Hi Tina, sorry I was unable to take part, I find with work commitments and time difference it was too difficult..