Thank You

To all of the people who offered their blogs and played along in the game.I hope you all had fun exploring new blogs and looking for the clues. I know I had fun getting it all set up. I think it went pretty good I did see some of you got lost along the way.

Where did you get stuck? Was it with one of the clues? Or the way the clues were spread out? I think I may have learned where I went wrong so if I do this again it will go a bit smoother for all of you.

If you want to do this again let me know and I will set it up. Thanks again for playing


Diane said...

i didnt get to play this time. but hope to if you do it again. it always takes just doing something to be able to smooth out all the glitches, and organizing something like this is a lot of work, so great job!

Sandy Kessler said...

I'm still playing but this new computer is atrocious- miss my other one but having a blast thanks Yes definitely play again!!!

i beati said...

here's what I did wrong 3 times I got off the trail because I mistook badges to other blogs as clues hidden on the sidebars.Where was mine?/I never saw the blessed ??I had to go back and comment . I got too excited reading good blogs- do it again- let's do it again !!Sandythank s for your work