Through My Eyes Fridays

Hello and welcome to Through My Eyes Fridays a weekly meme. The idea is simple show the world what you see either out of your window of your house or through the windshield of your car. Take pictures with your camera or your cell phone show us the sky above you or the ground below you.

You can also post videos if that is how you want us to look through your eyes it's up to you.Share pictures of your kids the furry ones or the not so furry ones. Is your desk a mess or is it the most organized thing in your home. What's in your home or out your front door we want to see your world through your eyes.

So I want to tell you how this meme is going to work

1. If you wish to play along please leave a comment here with your blog name so everyone who is playing can come to your blog to take a look.
2. Please use the logo above in your post linking back to this site.
3. Please lets keep things PG rated for all of our family oriented blogs
4. When making your post please use the following sentence
"This is what you see when you look Through My Eyes"
5. Have fun!!!!!

This week I played this meme on my Music Mondays blog as well.

This is what you see when you look through my eye at my addiction.

This is Animal Crossing City Folk that I am totally addicted to it is a Wii game this first picture is one of the rooms in my house. That is my character lying on the bed.

This is my music room in the game that is me sitting on the couch.

This is my house my kids placed a walkway in between my flowerbed.

This is me standing looking at the Aurora see how I made my name in the sky with the stars.

This is one of the other rooms in my 3 story house. I just love this game I play it for hours at a time. My character has been to the hairdresser and this is her new look.When I started the game she had pink hair.


Toni said...

The sitting and playing for hours is why my husband is still saying no to a Wii! That and he says that I won't share!!!

Looks like a fun game!

Sandra Carvalho said...

LOL!Can I play it too???Looks like so much fun!
Hope you're feelin' a bit better today! ;)

Tammy said...

OMG you have a fireplace!!! I want one too! We got a new Wii last week, but we had to start all over again and I still haven't gotten an upstairs yet. :o(

Robyn Jones said...

We have an x box..but we haven't touched it in months....way too busy I guess...

LadyBanana said...

My pic is up...

The only games I have for the Wii are activity ones like fit and sports!

Anonymous said...

I want one!

On The Verge said...

My girls love this game. They were just telling me yesterday how they went to the hair dresser and got pink hair.

Posh Totty said...

Iv heard many good things about this game and it sounds as tho I would love it, but I think I am now the only person on the planet not to have a wii lol.

Renz said...

wee! I want one too!!!

Gin said...

We don't have a wii in our house. But with all the wii post I'm seeing...I'm beginning to want one...fast!

Gin said...

Me, again. I got an award for you. :)

Tina said...

i remember playing this on the DS. it looks cool on the wii though.

I need a wii again lol

Anonymous said...

Picture will be up this coming Friday. Too bad I don't play Wii or Wii Fit.