Pleco vs Piranha

I am having a bit of a delema with my fish and hubby's fish. My fish is the Pleco or Algae eater the black fish to you nonfish peeps. Hubby's fish is the Piranha or the silver one and he is eating my Pleco if you enlarge the second picture you can see his tail is half eaten.

I am the one who got the silver fish for hubby to replace the Piranha that had died. I got it because they told me it was NOT a Piranha but a vegiterian version of one. But surprise when I got it home it ate all of the other fish in the tank. Now he is munching on my Pleco and I am not a happy camper.

This is making me very mad I love my Pleco he is the coolest looking fish.

You can see the two of them here it looks to me like they are wrestling to get the food.

I think I may have to buy a tank divider so his fish doesn't kill mine.

Unless any one has any other suggestions for me? And YES I am open to some great fish recipes....


Tina said...

i dont think the pet shops know wat they talking about half the time.

we had about 10 fish and this one shark looking fish ate them all!!!

p.s have you closed your tell me the truth blog? its not on your profile anymore

Toni said...

Uhhh yea, I think you need to go get a tank divider as well!!! Your poor fishy is prbably scared to death!