I Have Been A Very Bad Blogger

And I am very sorry :( I have not been blogging or visiting any of my friends. I am going to honest here and say that I had lost interest in it. I wasn't getting out of it what I wanted or so I thought. I did make some wonderful friends here and for that I am most grateful. So I guess I did get more out of it than I ever imagined.

I am back now and hope that I did not lose any of my wonderful friends. I will be here tomorrow with my back to blogging post right now I have to go play Clue with my kids.

See you all tomorrow with a new attitude and hopefully some stories to post about.


Lady Banana said...

It's good to see you back and I hope you are here to stay.

I'm sure most of us go on and off the blogging from time to time!

Tina said...

im here when your back anyway mate. take your time and have a good break if you need to :)