I'm In A Panic

Ok let me start by saying these are pictures of some of my front and back yards.

I am in a panic because one of my friends from NJ is coming on Saturday to visit me. This is her first trip here and my huge ass yard needs to be mowed yet again.No problem right. Wrong! It is to effin hot to go out and sit and bake in the sun on the mower. Normally I enjoy the vibration of the mower Opps did I say that out loud? I mean I enjoy zooming around the yard cutting the grass and watching out for the toads so I don't run them over. But when it is 90 plus degrees out I would rather pull my nose hairs out.

The reason I am so concerned about the yard is the fact that my friend is someone who I care for deeply but must say is a bit obsessive.She used to come over to my house in NJ and if the yard was just a little messy she would just start cleaning up. There were a few times when she actually got out the mower and well you know what that meant. So I am sitting here waiting for the sun to go down so I can try to get some of it done. I am glad however that she gave me a weeks notice so I can get it done before she gets here.

Good thing I have the house in pretty good condition in anticipation of her coming here.Or my goodness I would be going out of my mind trying to get it all done.


Patty said...

Good luck with that yard. I think I'd have to hire someone if my yard was that big!

The Jillybean said...

My motto is this: If you want to come see me, come any time. I will entertain you , I will cook for you , we will enjoy each others company. But if you are coming to see my house...make an appt 1 year in advance!

LadyBanana said...

Wow, you have a lot of space! If I woke up and saw all that I'd think I was in the park! Wonderful, I'll come and help you mow :)