Did You Know?

Did you know that if a person who visits your site has an Alexa toolbar it brings down your Alexa ranking? Well I just found this out and bringing down your Alexa rank is a good thing if you are blogging for $$$'s. I have an Alexa toolbar and each day I watch my ranking go down just a bit so if you want to get an Alexa Toolbar go here. It works with Firefox and Internet explorer.

So if you are looking to lower your Alexa rank then tell your friends to get themselves an Alexa toolbar.


Tammy said...

Have a low Alexa rating is good. Hey Tina can I ask a favor? Can you change to pop comments. It takes so long to go back to comment on other posts. I'm lazy hehehe.

Tina said...

Tammy is funny! You dont know how your comments effect others until they tell you, or you leave one yourself.

I had my comments come up on a full page before i discovered the pop up lol

see your learning more and more each day now, and knowing alexa too ;)

Fortune Park Hotels Ltd said...

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