Meet My Friends Monday

Meet My Friends Monday is a meme made possible by Toni from It Is Nap Time if you would like to join go pay her a visit.

This week I am talking about one of my dear friends Tina from Mummy Diaries she has other blogs but I will get into them another time.
Tina is from West Midlands United Kingdom she has two little boys they are so adorable and to tell the truth I just love to hear them talk.I have always been a sucker for an English accent.I would visit her blog several times a day if she only had their voices on there just to hear them lol.

Tina is one of the first few people who commented on my blog back in the beginning I had written a post about how I don't like to run over frogs when I mow the lawn well you can read more about it here and this was the comment I got from Tina

"rofl with the dog comment!

hey i like frogs too. at least it keeps you fit chasing them!

Thanks for stopping by my place :)"

We have been visiting each others blogs ever since we chat as well she really is very funny. She has become one of my very good friends. Someday I hope to meet her but it will have to be here in the states b/c I am a big fat chicken and am afraid to fly. I would make an exception for her if someone had the right drugs to knock me out for the flight lol.

Tina has also helped me out on several different occasions with PPP and me being a dork and not having a code in right.Also with E card and again being a dork and not knowing that you actually have to place an ad on someones e card.THANKS TINA.


Tina said...

lol im still laughing at the my first comment i left you. im such a nutter!!!

thanks for featuring me. your a good friend. i wud rather visit u anyway mate cause you got better weather!!! ;)

looks like ill have to put some more videos on for you then in near future! x

I gotta do my meet friends post now before i forget! ... Ill be back to comment.

Luv ya Loads xxxxx

Kmommy said...

What a neat idea!

Shemah said...

Hahaha.. that's hilarious!

I think you two Tinas are just awesome people and glad to have met you through blogging! :)

On The Verge said...

I love both Tinas!!

Tammy said...

Tina is a doll isn't she and she is so fun! I heard her voice on instant messaging once, isn't it the coolest with her accent.

Toni said...

Love Tina. She was the first to comment on my blog.

Thanks for playing!

Sandra Carvalho said...

I love Tina!She's a super sweet friend and some hot momma! LOL!